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Giving Good Face

Today was my day off, however I helped my coworker lug a humongoid painting to a multi-million dollar condo for a home viewing. After bungeeing it to the top of her Explorer, carrying it up two flights of stairs, cutting through the hour-long plastic wrapping job I’d cocooned it in last night, and propping it up next to Moneybags’ fireplace, she said it looked good, but she wasn’t ready to pull the trigger.

I’m from the South so I’m pretty good at freezing my face before it contorts into honest emotional reactions; I can slap a toothy smile on top of disbelief and quip “Alrighty then!”. My poor coworker, however, looked like she was about to shit a Picasso. After trying every sales line and tactic I knew… Coworker and I began the futile task of trying to re-wrap the colossus, and after a tense and frustrating twenty minutes just picked it up and hauled it back down to the car, smacked it on top with a little bubble wrap, and debated going 3 blocks to City Market to get a Six Pack. We opted for Reduced Fat Oreos instead.

I ran home, wrestled Tina, took an afternoon nap, and then threw on a sundress and biked up the hill to Ink Cafe where I met a media guru to see if I can make this blog look a little better. I’m just going to let it evolve slowly- not really in the mood to absorb CSS… maybe I could hire Drummergirl to help me out?

Hot Stuff and I are getting some sushi tonight which should be yummers. In the twilight haze of sleeping and waking I felt pretty determined to enroll in some classes starting August 25th… whether that be Salt Lake City or Denver or NC, I have yet to really decide. I’d like to stay out here before heading back to NC, but I don’t know how I’d pay for school and an apartment in SLC or Denver.

I used to review beauty products a lot on my old blog Beauty Ninja, so I think I’ll throw one in here for shits and giggles. Ladies, you must check out Cover Girl’s Professional Loose Powder. I’ve been using it the last 4 years- it smells lovely and goes on silkily and flawlessly.

I wear it alone or over foundation to set it. I put it on my eyelids before shadow (so the shadow spreads more easily), and i even dab it on my eyelashes before coating them with mascara because it really pumps up their volume. A container lasts forever, and make sure to buy a nice brush for the full experience… I am a fan of Eco Tools Powder Brush… you can actually buy a whole set of their brushes at Rite Aid… the travel set fits nicely in a makeup bag.


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