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My Little Book of…

I always know it’s Sunday when I head over to the drudgereport.com and he hasn’t updated his leading story.  I’m conservative, not a big ole right-winger, pretty liberal on most counts, but I just like that news webpage… the layout, the urgency, the mix of ridiculous stories with late breaking ones.

Today was nice and warm.  I wore this green patterned two piece backless sundress that I got in Myrtle Beach and have had in my closet since 9th grade but never worn… hows that for vintage!  My fashion sensibilities finally grew into it, I guess. 

Went with Hot Stuff to his work picnic in the park- indulged in a hot dog and brownie and some Lays potato chips.  Did I mention that this tan, the first I’ve allowed myself to get in about 8 years, hides potatochips very well? Like 10lbs well i think.  I’ve never tanned because I want to save my skin from any unnecessary aging, but my sister pointed out to me while we were on vacation: “You need to be hot now! Not when you’re 60! Don’t stay all cooped up, a decaying lilly white flower,  like Miss Havisham!”.  Point taken, Sissy.   Being tan does kinda rock.  I think I’ll make sure I’m the color of a coconut on my 30th birthday, just to hit it home.

My tummy was flipping nervously as I maowed the hot dog at the picnic sitting beside Hot Stuff.  The worry-wart that resides in my skull in place of a brain was grinding through variations of  “How the hell will THIS ever work out… I don’t want to be a surfer bum with him in Mexico!”.  I spent the latter part of the afternoon grilling him on just why he is so dedicated to this surfing thing.  I may have lost a little of his respect there… apparently questioning surfing is like questioning religious beliefs.

In my mind moving to Mexico  would leave very little opportunity for me.  Am I supposed to paint ceramic lizards all day and sell them at the market?  Learn to surf and maybe love it?  Become a piniacoladaholic?  I mean, could he seriously respect me if I were there with him… cause what the HELL would I do there.  What the heck is there to neurotically worry about down there… coyotes eating Tina? Scorpions in my flip flops?  Would there be internet!!?!?!?!

Of course, I am worrying about this after dating for 4.5 months…. 3 of which he spent in Bali and I spent in NC… so that really puts us at the 1.5 month marker… which really makes me totally insane for fretting over a future full of sunbathing and sombreros. 

But I have an inner urgency to make a plan for the next 6-12 months of my life, and there ain’t much as far as I can see, for me here in Aspen.  I can’t go back to school, I’m not interested in paying 1000 a month in rent… I am not in love with skiing.  Thus, I focus on disecting poor little Hot Stuff and his ambitions.  Not like I wouldn’t anyway.

Now that we’ve made it through the bitching and moaning segment of this blog post, I’d like to tell you about my new mini-project.  I bought the cutest package of 4 coordinated mini books called “The Little Book Of…”.  They each have a different color flower pattern on the front, and stickers to put titles for each book on the front. 
My little books of... on Twitpic
I’m going to make one my “Little Book of Gratitude” and write each day all the things I’m thankful for from that day… for example today would include “my sequined vintage sweater, green eyeshadow, holding hands while walking, the violet on my desk, 100 calorie mini cokes, Tina flipping around on the bed like a white furry ninja at 5am making me giggle” etc.  It’s an effort to amplify the good shit in my life within my awareness. 

I’m not sure what to make the other 3 books… I was tossing around the idea of making one my “Little Book of Fretting” and writing down my daily worries, the third my “Little Book of inspirations” and writing quotes and that random stuff you come across that you connect with… but no ideas for the fourth yet.  Maybe a “Little Book of crazy creative dreams and aspirations”? 

 Maybe they all should be Little Books of Gratitude and Wonder and I will just use one page for each day until I am through them all.

So, should I stay or should I go.  Should I take Bio at Colorado Mountain College, or pack it up and hightail it back to NC to start 6 years of studies in pharmacology.  Should I see where this relating with Hot Stuff goes, or throw in the towel now.  Should we fly to Cabo in September so I even know what I’m up against there- I mean, what if I love it?  I can be neurotic on the internet from there….. if they have it, which is a non-negotiable!  Besides, I might like making animals out of palm fronds all day. Please take my poll at the top!

PS- I’m totally amused and gratefull for the little sparrow that just hopped in the front door of the gallery- cuuuuute!


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