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Two slices of good-after-beers pizza later I’m checking out a pair of 1950s wooden skis that look like they were whittled by hand and are at least 7 feet long. You buckle these babies to your feet and if you were to fall in them the resulting injury would have to be either a broken leg or one hell of a splinter.

These antique skis are leaning in the corner of a nicely remodeled luxury condo in Aspen proper, along with baseball bats that were once swung by Mickey Mantle, and some golf clubs that belonged to someone famous, but I’m a girly-girl so really, how much sports trivia can I be expected to remember here?

It’s the middle of April and we’ve gotten 10 inches of snow today. It’s the off season and town seems to have turned back into a pumpkin… more than half of the bars and stores are closed, and every night that I venture out I drink with the same crew surrounded by the same ten to twenty people.

Yes, it’s muddy, and it’s snowing but the mountain is closed, and making money seems like a magic trick here at this time of year… however there’s something pleasant about the temporary pause that’s been put

upon the influx of tourist energy. Aspen seems like a real small-town again. I’m actually able to get to know people that have lived and worked here for years because my attentions aren’t being split between them and Mr. McWealthy-out-of-towner who thinks it’d be good to discuss business over drinks at The ‘Bou.

Not that I don’t appreciate the prosperity and value that Aspen’s well-heeled tourists and part-time locals bring… they are it’s modern lifeblood and an essential piece of it’s charmingly diversified identity. However there’s something yummy about grabbing a Fat Tire with the girl or guy who’s lived here for 5+ years and basking in local gossip, seasonal banter, and the knowledge that your cohort will pickle here in the valley with you as you explore riding the year-round tides of one of the most gorgeous and fabled mountain towns in the world.


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