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Uranus must be in my house of Venus because I’ve been getting a lot of male attention lately… and that’s really saying something since it’s gay ski week and 80% of the town ain’t buying what I’m selling. Here’s a photo of Marko Tomassetti, 3rd place winner in the Aspen Gay Ski Week costume contest. God bless America.bilde4

I’m not sure if he is supposed to be Britney, Paris, or Lindsay but I think his lack of man-scaping might have landed him with the bronze instead of gold.

As far as the male attention goes, I’m starting to guess it has more to do with altitude than allure.  When I moved to Aspen, I was one of three girls on the entire turbo prop plane that sputtered into Grand Junction.  I don’t know the official statistics, but it does seem like the guy-to-girl ratio in Colorado is around 10-1.  The state’s nickname “Men-ver” leads me to believe I’m not the only once that’s noticed this.

The Aspen Chamber of Commerce should seriously consider putting “every day is a great hair day” on their website… mixed up in all that blah-blah-blah about skiing.  Maybe more women would seriously consider taking up permanent residence here.

Are there really that few of us ladies that wanna carve the powder, hike the tundra, and whistle while we walk to avoid becoming black bear breakfast?  My best guess is it might be the extreme weather that keeps many women away- I don’t think there are a lot of chicks in cold snowy places like Alaska either, but after some trial and error I promise you can get the swing of living in this climate.

My lips almost fell off after three days here because the air is so dry. I tried Vaseline, Blistex, and some ritzy stuff from the hand-made cosmetics store Lush before I wandered into Carl’s Pharmacy for the first time.

I asked the guys working there through a cracked and almost bleeding smile if they could please for the love-of-god recommend a supernatural lip balm that would rescue me. The clerk laughed and immediately handed me “Aspen Aloe” lip balm, which I thought was a gimmicky joke.

Wrong- this Aspen Aloe stuff is as serious as a heart attack.  It healed me in about 24 hours flat. I even managed saving my nose by rubbing that same mystical Aspen Aloe lip balm all over it.  I know I’m starting to sound like an infomercial, but I do think they should consider handing the stuff out when people cross into the city limits.

My larger point here is that girly-girls can do Aspen full-time and if more girls moved here, perhaps it would be more femme-friendly.  Increasing our strength in numbers would at least foster a few more places to get affordable manicures – just because I have to wear crampons hiking to work doesn’t mean I can’t have cute nails.

Until then, I guess the handful of us local snow bunnies that already call Aspen home  are going to have to continue to tough-out all the nice dinners, free shots,  and the ridiculous  ratio that’s a part of coexisting with Aspen’s athletic adventurous mountain men.


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