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Chandelier: Check

Plenty of Natural Light: Check

Comfy places to lounge: Check

Vanity for makeup and perfume: Check

This is such a classic lady’s dressing parlour.  I love the molding on the wall, the high ceilings, and the window treatments.  I even like the orange wallpaper… but in the end there is just TOO MUCH orange and peachgoing on here.  Considering the era, I am sure this was designed this way because peach was a flattering color for Nancy- it does reflect off the skin and make a girl glow.  I think this idea could be modernized marvelously- starting with ripping the dust ruffle off that vanity and putting some sleeker, plusher seating and more substantial wooden furniture in the room.  I’d also like to see some art on the walls.   But all in all, I love imagining Nancy tie the bow on on her blouse in this femme sanctuary.


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My friend Jamie at Isuwannee always features bookcases of the day and I think its a fab idea.  I’m going to try to feature dressing rooms on here, because who WOULDN’T want to aspire to this:


I love the fabric on the bench, the colors of the walls, the light fixture above- all of it!

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