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Violet Bell

 This morning, after a breakfast of 5 Jet Puffed marshmellows and an extremely healthy smoothie, Hot Stuff and I set out for the Saturday morning farmer’s market.  I’ve been eager to get some locally grown, organic veggies to compare their flavor to the vegetables I ate in France…. whose taste were incredible.

Well, there is a reason that Colorado is The Mountain State and not the produce state.  There were more jewelry booths than veggie stands there… and I’m not talking rummage-through-stuff-to-find-great-deals-on-treasures jewelry… I’m talking the kind of booth you might imagine Cartier would set up in a parking lot. 

We made our way though the Aspenites with their designer sunglasses and white shitzus  to the only organic fruit stand there.  I bought some cherry jam and apricots.  I went back to an organic veggie stand further up the way and got my hands on some green beans… which I am especially interested to compare to the french green beans… which were remarkable.  I also got the weirdest looking purple bell pepper and some red onions and yellow squash. 
Organic apricots at aspen farmers market on Twitpic
I spent the afternoon napping- I think I am STILL getting over jet lag.  Worked from 3-10… town is busy because there is some sort of doctors’ conference.  I know some of my friends from last season are in town but they have yet to drop by.  It might sound odd, in light of my recent travels, but I’m sorta begging for some excitement.  I just feel wrapped in ennui lately.  There is too much uncertainty about where my career/life is heading… and I feel like I’ve lost that verve that sprung me across the country to LA.  It’s harder to rally the old “anything is possible” mentality.  My mindset has been clamping down harder than a steel bear trap.  I guess I need to fire up my imagination and do some serious daydreaming and desire-cultivating.


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