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Uranus must be in my house of Venus because I’ve been getting a lot of male attention lately… and that’s really saying something since it’s gay ski week and 80% of the town ain’t buying what I’m selling. Here’s a photo of Marko Tomassetti, 3rd place winner in the Aspen Gay Ski Week costume contest. God bless America.bilde4

I’m not sure if he is supposed to be Britney, Paris, or Lindsay but I think his lack of man-scaping might have landed him with the bronze instead of gold.

As far as the male attention goes, I’m starting to guess it has more to do with altitude than allure.  When I moved to Aspen, I was one of three girls on the entire turbo prop plane that sputtered into Grand Junction.  I don’t know the official statistics, but it does seem like the guy-to-girl ratio in Colorado is around 10-1.  The state’s nickname “Men-ver” leads me to believe I’m not the only once that’s noticed this.

The Aspen Chamber of Commerce should seriously consider putting “every day is a great hair day” on their website… mixed up in all that blah-blah-blah about skiing.  Maybe more women would seriously consider taking up permanent residence here.

Are there really that few of us ladies that wanna carve the powder, hike the tundra, and whistle while we walk to avoid becoming black bear breakfast?  My best guess is it might be the extreme weather that keeps many women away- I don’t think there are a lot of chicks in cold snowy places like Alaska either, but after some trial and error I promise you can get the swing of living in this climate.

My lips almost fell off after three days here because the air is so dry. I tried Vaseline, Blistex, and some ritzy stuff from the hand-made cosmetics store Lush before I wandered into Carl’s Pharmacy for the first time.

I asked the guys working there through a cracked and almost bleeding smile if they could please for the love-of-god recommend a supernatural lip balm that would rescue me. The clerk laughed and immediately handed me “Aspen Aloe” lip balm, which I thought was a gimmicky joke.

Wrong- this Aspen Aloe stuff is as serious as a heart attack.  It healed me in about 24 hours flat. I even managed saving my nose by rubbing that same mystical Aspen Aloe lip balm all over it.  I know I’m starting to sound like an infomercial, but I do think they should consider handing the stuff out when people cross into the city limits.

My larger point here is that girly-girls can do Aspen full-time and if more girls moved here, perhaps it would be more femme-friendly.  Increasing our strength in numbers would at least foster a few more places to get affordable manicures – just because I have to wear crampons hiking to work doesn’t mean I can’t have cute nails.

Until then, I guess the handful of us local snow bunnies that already call Aspen home  are going to have to continue to tough-out all the nice dinners, free shots,  and the ridiculous  ratio that’s a part of coexisting with Aspen’s athletic adventurous mountain men.


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Two slices of good-after-beers pizza later I’m checking out a pair of 1950s wooden skis that look like they were whittled by hand and are at least 7 feet long. You buckle these babies to your feet and if you were to fall in them the resulting injury would have to be either a broken leg or one hell of a splinter.

These antique skis are leaning in the corner of a nicely remodeled luxury condo in Aspen proper, along with baseball bats that were once swung by Mickey Mantle, and some golf clubs that belonged to someone famous, but I’m a girly-girl so really, how much sports trivia can I be expected to remember here?

It’s the middle of April and we’ve gotten 10 inches of snow today. It’s the off season and town seems to have turned back into a pumpkin… more than half of the bars and stores are closed, and every night that I venture out I drink with the same crew surrounded by the same ten to twenty people.

Yes, it’s muddy, and it’s snowing but the mountain is closed, and making money seems like a magic trick here at this time of year… however there’s something pleasant about the temporary pause that’s been put

upon the influx of tourist energy. Aspen seems like a real small-town again. I’m actually able to get to know people that have lived and worked here for years because my attentions aren’t being split between them and Mr. McWealthy-out-of-towner who thinks it’d be good to discuss business over drinks at The ‘Bou.

Not that I don’t appreciate the prosperity and value that Aspen’s well-heeled tourists and part-time locals bring… they are it’s modern lifeblood and an essential piece of it’s charmingly diversified identity. However there’s something yummy about grabbing a Fat Tire with the girl or guy who’s lived here for 5+ years and basking in local gossip, seasonal banter, and the knowledge that your cohort will pickle here in the valley with you as you explore riding the year-round tides of one of the most gorgeous and fabled mountain towns in the world.

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Aspen A-peel

It’s my 6th day here and things just get better every day. It feels so good to be productive and spending your time doing things you enjoy. I love learning about the art at the gallery, and I have several large graphic design projects I’m working on on the side that are exciting. This entry is going to be jumbled because I’m in a bit of a rush and wanna just jot down things that left impressions the last few days.

For starters, I’m in the LOUDEST Starbucks ever. In addition to the customary order-yelling baristas and the whirr of the cappucino machines, there are dozens of pairs of ski boots clomping arond on the tile floor and a particularly bratty bunch of foreign children screaming as they trail behind their oblivious parents.

My lips almost fell off after three days here because the air is so dry. I tried organic lipbalm from wholefoods, Blistex, and some ritzy stuff from the hand-made cosmetics store Lush before I wandered into Carl’s Pharamcy here. Carl’s Pharmacy is like every garage sale ever held on planet earth combined- they have everything from Alba cosmetics to plastic baby figures the size of grains of rice, rubber octopuses, pet toys, electronics- it is truly bizzare. I asked the guys through a cracked and almost bleeding smile if they could please for the love-of-god recommend a supernatural lip balm that would rescue me. The guy laughed and immediately handed me “Aspen Aloe” lip balm, which I thought was a joke. But this stuff is no joke- it healed me in about 24 hours. HOORAY.

Next up was my nose- the gallery owner asked me point blank if I could please scrape the peeling skin from my petite nez because I assume it was extremely distracting and grossing him out. In lieu of risking looking like Michael Jackson, I managed saving my nose by rubbing Aspen Lip Balm all over it and it’s reviving nicely.

Last night we went to a club called Sky that looks just like a jet airplane inside. Even the toilets are like the toilets on a plane- all metal with the button you push to flush. It was pretty neat. We also went to local watering hole Eric’s, which seems to be where all the non-stinking-rich hang out to get their drink on and play pool.

I’m looking forwards to new years here tonight – I hope there will be awesome fireworks over the snowy banks of the mountains. All the parties in town cost anywhere from $50-$1000 to get into… so I’m not sure what we’re gonna finagle on that front, but if all else fails, we’ll probably end up back at the crack den, I mean condo, perfecting our Halo killing sprees. I don’t really like to play, but I’m a pretty good jinxy cheerleader. I might play a bit when the boys are out so that I can brush up, then sneak attack and surprise them all with a few deftly placed plasma grenades to the arse.

Oh that’s anther thing. The guys I’m staying with don’t cuss at all and use all sorts of silly words as substitutes…. i.e. Fudge, Darn, Geeze, Shiz, Gosh… with the occasional Crap thrown in. This positive influence is seriously rubbing off on me and I’ve found my fluency in profanity increasingly crippled. I’m not sure if I’m going to like what that is doing to my blogging- a well place “f*ck” is always a nice accent on here in my humble opinion, but what the fudge, at least maybe we here at Flighty Grapefruit will at least be a better example for any PG audience out there.

Ok, I gotta run and graphic design as fast as I can. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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Last night after spending a few hours at the gallery I got groceries at City Market and then caught the RFTA bus (for the first time) back to the condo. I’ve always had a good sense of direction and that was a great thing last night because getting lost in the dark in sub-zero temps with three bags of groceries could have landed me a Darwin Award.

I have to note that the customers at the grocery store were pretty surly. People kept blatantly running into me and shoving me aside even when there was plenty of room! I don’t know if it was that  we were all different nationalities and had as many varying approaches for waiting in line or tolerating crowds, or if it was because we were all wearing snow gear that made us clumsy, or if half of these linebackers were half drunk/stoned, but it was pretty frustrating.

I spent a quiet night at the condo with some soup and my cat, being the hellion that I am. Woke up early this morning at 8am and cleaned my room/finished unpacking, then leafed through the “Aspen” magazine that I had picked up. It was full of articles and advertisements geared at the extremely rich. I browsed the lists of restaurants, feeling a little intimidated and wondering if I could afford any of them.

Only one day here and I do feel a little like Tiny Tim through the window staring at the turkey. All of the stores here seem boutiquey, for vacationers, and high-priced… though to be fair I haven’t been in many yet.

Reading the Aspen magazine has sent me into a contemplative jag this morning on large wealth and if I want it, or if I think I could attain it. Part of me feels like making money is such a default goal for so many people, but I hate to admit it isn’t always at the forefront of my mind… much evidenced by my bank statements. I have conflicting beliefs too… one that I could easily make money if I put in more effort and the other whispering that I haven’t accomplished it yet.  At this point in my life success still holds mysteries for me.

There is the thought of “Oh, I don’t really need luxery”, especially when I sincerely know that I am better off than 99.9% of the world. However, I’d really like feel that I’m more robustly standing on my own two feet. I wish I could buy tools I want…. whatever computer I want, that Marc Jacobs dress, that organic drink, without obsessing about the chain in the couch cusions. Having more money would free up some creativity- wouldn’t it? It would give me more power, certainly?

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said “You’ll never be poor enough to make anyone else rich”…. but can you be rich enough to make others poor? Does being rich come at the expense of someone else? Or are you doing everyone a favor by not only being a drag on resources, but having the wealth to spend and create companies and new jobs?

I do not know why it feels so complex to me. But, if I get grounded and look at my situation, I need to make money… it’s necessary for survival regardless of guilt complexes.

A girl my age or younger came into the gallery last night and looked at the Chagalls. “I love Chagalls” she swooned, “I have that one already” she said, pointing to a limited edition original lithograph. It blows my mind that a girl that young owns artwork like that. Is it disgusting? Is it inspring? I guess it simply is as it is…

And yet, if that rich girl had bought some paintings from me, I in turn would have more money to go out and spend on what I love, and I guess the world would be more the way I’d like it to be… my mind’s footprint would be larger.  Every dollar you spend is a vote for the way you want the world to be.

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First Day in Aspen


I think I could have gotten here faster if I’d traveled by llama. I stayed up all night catching up with high school friends at Justin’s last “Christmas Day Night” party (his mom is moving to San Fran), then got home at 4am, frantically jammed everything I thought I needed into two suitcases, and raced to catch my 7:15am flight. It was an hour to Charlotte, then I was bumped off my 9:30am flight to Phoneix until the 3pm flight. At least I got a free plane ticket out of it. We finally got to Phoneix, and then boarded the unnervingly small “Dash” propeller plane for Grand Junction, CO.

The plane was full of rugged looking lumberjacks including the guy I was sitting next to. He curly gray hair that tucked behind his ears, a red flannel shirt, and a nice face. We chatted a little and he made me laugh because he kept describing the scenery in CO as “bitchin”. I gotta start using that word more! Poor Tina Kitty was “Cat”atonic by the time we finally landed in Colorado.

The guys were an hour and a half late picking me up in GJ. They’d gotten stranded in a snowstorm and had to pull over. Tina Kitty was making a weird gagging noise and I was afraid she was getting carsick so I let her out of her bag. After giving the car a thorough sniff-over, she settled herself on top of the luggage in between the two front seats, watching the highway stream towards us. After finally finding a 7-11 that sold cat litter, we made it to the Aspen condo around 4am. I’d fallen asleep for the last half hour of the drive and when I woke up, it was truly a winter wonderland. The snow is DEEP and it looks like where Santa Claus would live. It was really mysterious and magical looking.
Where I’m crashing is a total bachelor pad with more cheap scented candles than dishware and a leather couch, lol. I woke up around 12 but still have a headache from being exhausted. I think I start working tomorrow. I’ve been unpacking this morning and will venture out soon- Brad is going to work at the gallery so I’ll go with him to check it out, and then I want to wander around town.

I’m a little freaked out that I am here- it feels like an outlier on the normal course of events of my life. But I’m trying to just keep my mind in a positive space of “New things, new adventures, not boring” rather than “Man, wtf am I doing with my life?”. Worrying about that never seems to work anyway- better just to DO stuff until you find you aren’t worrying about it anymore (my new years resolution).

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